Nat Welch

Hi there! I am Nat. I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, . I currently live in Beacon, NY with my wife Melissa and our cat Beasley. During the day I work as the Lead Cloud Platform Engineer for Laurel.

You can see my resume for my in-depth work history.

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See Projects for a list of my current side projects.

I have some core beliefs that are the basis for most things that I do.

Sharing information is the most important action in human society.

I love automating things and building software tools to make maintaining the internet easier.

Nature is beautiful and must be preserved.

Humans are inherently good and hilarious, and communicating with them well is important.

You can read a more in-depth writeup of these beliefs on my blog: Nat Welch Manifesto


Nat around the world

I have lived in San Francisco, London, New York and a few other places. When I move, I try to create a blog post of my favorite places in a city right before I leave. I then do not update them. As such, they are very out of date. That being said, I enjoy looking at them and sharing with friends who are traveling.

Speaker Bio

Nat Welch is an Site Reliability Engineer based in Beacon, NY, where he lives with his partner and their cat. He is the author of two books: "Real World SRE" from Packt and "Reliable Webservers with Go" from Newline. He has been professionally building and running software on the internet since 2005, and loves making tools and promoting conversation online. He currently works for Laurel as the Lead of the Cloud Platform team. In the past, he has worked for Punchd, First Look Media, Hillary for America, iFixit, Google, and others.

In his free time, Nat enjoys contributing to open source projects, writing, reading, fishing, listening to music and wandering through cities and countrysides.