Nat Welch

Software Reconnaissance Engineer


Promoting communication, creativity and sharing on the Internet.

Automating things and building software tools to make maintaining the internet easier.

Advocating for transparency, remix culture and open source software.


A 30 year old from the San Francisco Bay Area, currently living in Brooklyn and working as a Site Reliability Engineer for Google's Customer Reliability Engineering team.


I write once or twice a week at

I have also written for other places:


I post photos with varying consistency on Flickr & Instagram.

I try to be randomly clever on Twitter.

I publish code on Github.

My most well known creations are,,, Onesie and fog-google. I also maintain some other semi-popular packages: three-things and instagram-continued.

I have documented my professional work on my resume.


I have given a variety of talks. Here are some that I am particularly proud of.